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Why Mukilteo Cedar & More?

Since our first day in business, Mukilteo Cedar & More has not strayed from our core principles. Making a unique, high quality, handcrafted piece of artwork. We choose not to cut corners, to take the extra time to input the little details. From routing and finishing edges/faces to hand selecting beautiful boards, we care about our customers.


Founded by Bill Niedermeyer, originally as a lumber distributor, Mukilteo Cedar & More was birthed through the repurposing of lumber scrapes. Bill used his creative and imaginative personality to design and engineer many of the products we still produce today. Now, Fred Niedermeyer, Bill's son & a master of his craft, continues to lead the woodworking artisans at Mukilteo Cedar & More with his son Michael Niedermeyer. We use only the finest quality of Western Red Cedar, and go the extra mile to add finishing touches that will make our product stand out in your garden or patio.

Making these products to us is a privilege, as handcrafted furniture is a dying art. It is our mission to continue the fading "Made in America" trademark. So, take it upon yourself, find out just how wonderful Mukilteo Cedar & More products are for yourself, and in the process you'll be supporting a local, family business!

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