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Cedar Rectangle Planter Side View

Sarita Planter Box


Our Sarita box is a great box for planting any kind of flower or small veggie.


The Sarita planter box comes in a variety of sizes, from 24" (2ft), 30", 36" (3ft), 48" (4ft), 60" (5ft), or 72" (6ft) long X 16" wide X 16" tall.

  • Dimensions

    L: 24"-72"

    W: 16"

    H: 16"

  • Details

    • Cedar tongue and groove siding helps retain moisture.
    • Feet on bottom of box help box breathe to prevent rot.
    • Decorative faschia on top of box.
    • Weatherproofing treatment included.
    • Support Bar to help box durability/structure on 60" & 72" sizes.
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